The chemical used in drycleaning can cost you with your life

This was first found in 1817 and it was described by Dr. Parkinson actually in London in which he found this similar disease in six individual and he researched about the cause of this disease. The rate of this disease is growing faster and faster because of the presence of TC in our environment. It can be said that TC and air pollution both are causing tremors and dangerous effect on our human body

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Our whole lifestyle is disturbed. That's why our health or our lives are disturbed. So people only notice the big things like global warming or the big things that the pollution, global warming, these things that we get to see in front of our eyes. But there's so many other things that we don't know. Even the food we are eating, we have eat like lots of processed food, packaged food these days. These are also causing so many health problems in our lives
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They are causing cancer like diseases because of the presence of preservatives that they are using even once in the news. It also came with the point that the food packages with the code this are using gelatin and it is harmful for our body and many people are allergic to the gelatin. So we need to not only concentrate on the major topic but we need to go into the route