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15_Prachi Aggarwal
@prachiaggarwal · 4:47

Funny things in metro

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I see so many things roads, new experience and new things. I see the boring delightful thing out here when you got a Metro empty empty Metro at the working hour and the more delightful thing is that you already saw a Metro before that with full of capacity like 100% or after that matter you get a Metro how can it be possible or Metro in the summer? Because now and I want that if you feel and if you see anything interesting anything funny me in the matter

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Abhipriya Bhardwaj
@Abhipriya · 1:54
So Hello Prachi. First of all like you know a great topic to talk about. Rosie travel, metros and coffee, common hair. Like metros I think you can understand. And yeah the thing about seat carrier. So that's really a thing especially I guess Rajiv Chakra. But I think it is better than the Mumbai Vala stuff. But still absolutely
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54_Mahak Bansal
@Mahakbansal2004 · 0:38


Hello Prachi. So very nice topic once again and funny things in Metro. So yes Metro Hammer, as you said that's the best way Metro may determine experience. So very nice topic. Keep going on. Thank you so much for posting this Wells
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@Neha2004 · 1:01
Now the mentor is like please for the love birds you can always see on the junction of the lady's cabin and the giant cabin it seems like that it was not a Metro. Is there any picnic spot where these things usually happen? So yeah, it's really nice topic and an interesting one. So thank you. Bye
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