Importance of packing tor travel

I'd forget my floss, I'd forget a lot of things which I eventually end up going and buying and when I come back home I have surplus of these. So what's your hack to packing? Aptly for a travel? How good are you? Share more

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Jeremiah Myer
@Jeremiah73 · 4:59
So I have a full kitchen, and I'm able to prepare any kind of dish I want, even though we would be out in the middle of nowhere in the forest. So those are always pre packed. And I tend to not change my outerwear very often, camping. And so I really only need to bring along underwear. And since it's summer, sometimes not even socks, because I'll be wearing sandals. Yeah. So great. Great topic. I will tell you one more thing
Sarita pramod
@pocketofstories · 0:29


Thank you Jamayya for responding to my podcast and I truly enjoyed your description about your experience, the overseas experience. And I totally found it interesting that you do a lot of camping. So looking forward to more of your podcasts about camping and, you know, tips and tricks for people who have never done camping and what to expect, but really looking forward to it and thank you
Swell Team
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javon johnson
@motoblanco · 3:43
I purchase a few new shirts and maybe new flip flops. I don't know why, but I do it sometimes. It's just I feel better packing a little bit too much, you know, I'd rather pack a little bit too much than go and not pack enough because that's. That could be annoying. So I try to pack for certain situations. Like, I mean, in addition to casual clothes, I also try to pack
Sarita pramod
@pocketofstories · 2:36


Hi, Jovan. Thank you for taking time out to respond to the post, but I connect with you and everywhere. When you talk about anxiety towards traveling, what to pack, what to carry, the extra packs, you're just like any other person who is about to travel. We travelers would like to pack a lot of extra things, especially, you know, a daily change of clothes and making sure we have an extra pair of socks and stuff like that. So you're there