Does Manifeststion work or is it a systematic apporach and okan that make things come true?

Hi swell family listeners. Today I'm just doing an impromptu chat about the fact whether manifestation actually works or is it a proper planning and hard work that makes you achieve or realize your dreams? The reason that I'm talking about this topic today is because I had someone come over to meet me and they saw the house and they really admired the apartment complex where I stayed in, appreciating the tidiness and the organized way that the apartment complex was maintained

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After, from 2017 to the current moment, I've gone through a period of, you know, like, just transformation in my thoughts where I've understood that, you know, I stopped fighting, I stopped resisting, and I understood that God and the universe, let's say, had a divine blueprint for me. Sometimes when you try to manifest things that are not in alignment with what is meant for you, it feels like you're fighting, you know, to get it
Neena Maiya
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Good morning, Sarita. From what I understand about manifestation, it's not just dreaming up what you want and thinking about it. You have to do the hard work after you know what you want. Manifestation involves picturing what you want, seeing it in your mind's eye, writing about it, sketching it, if you can. But then you have to put in all the other work, all the other physical work, to get what you want. That's what I understand manifestation to be
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Valerie G
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Everybody's enlightenment is different, everybody's awakening or knowledge increasing. There's so many different ways and platforms. You can see it, but it does happen. And knowing, knowing just a, knowing that it will happen, that alone will create it. So thank you and I just wanted to share that. I appreciate your post
Sarita pramod
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Hi Val, thank you so much for responding to my post and I'm truly inspired by you because despite your adversities, the tough situation in life, you hung in there and you tried and you figured it out on your own. You know what works for you. So kudos to you and I'm sure your kids are very proud of you and you're an inspiration to them