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Forecast Wednesday’s: Death & Birth of selves.

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"…My task, however, is just to travel between each version of myself and honor what emerges along the way. I don't know who wrote that, but I thought it was so it's so interesting how we all receive things differently based on who we are, our lived experiences, just our nature, if you believe in astrology, those kind of aspects that affect how we take in information. But when I read that, I thought it would be quite beautiful, right?…"

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J Wang

@jsmwang · 4mo ago · 1:07

"…Hi, PK. I just realized how much I love the title of Forecast Wednesdays. I love the forecast aspect of it. It's just it's very beautiful and poetic in a way. But, yeah, I really I feel really love the quote that you shared. And I totally get kind of the excitement of a new self. That the freedom that comes from that of continuing to change and grow. And I also equally understand the sadness of kind of saying goodbye to one version of yourself.…"


Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 4mo ago · 1:19

"…Hi, Jay. Thank you so much for responding to this swell. And I love I love what you said. This just like, celebrating all the renditions of yourself. Right. J 50519. We know all the sales matter. All the sales matter. There's something to learn from them. Yeah, definitely. Right. They have that quote that depends on what mood you're in, right. How you feel about it. I can say nothing lasts forever, good or bad.…"



Deborah Pardes

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"…I want to add also this is a great conversation. I want to add also the simultaneity of being many, many, many things during a single day. The obvious one is a doting mom and then a fierce CEO and then a kick a** basketball player in one day. I know those things are more surfacing, but they're surfacing meaning, like, their hats we wear. But I think the idea of celebrating just the duality is just limiting it, actually.…"



Varun Aich

@varunkaich · 4mo ago · 1:38

"…And the location of birth so the time the place is very important and the date. So these three things actually customize or tailor make your birth chart. So it's not like a person born in 29 June will have the same fade throughout. It's not like that. It depends on the planetary positions, basically, at that point in time when a person is born, what are the positions of the planet, what locations? That basically is what defines astrology. That is the fundamental of astrology.…"

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Process Imagining

@rafaelreyesiii · 4mo ago · 3:44

"…Luckily that but not having the time between and so change can be rough as well and I just wanted to throw that at you. I think we want to praise change, we want to enjoy that but then we also want to realize that there is some opportunities, some realities of loss and what that means and I think honoring both of them is necessary. But thank you for this opportunity and bringing it up.…"


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