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Refresh Friday’s: Revisit It

Mental WellnessNotes to Self

"…It's good, he says, and he pulls on very kind of simple concepts and there's some spirituality in there because he's a Christian, I believe. But either way, like I always say, whatever you want to assign your magical person to the things that you are believing is totally prerogative. But there's still a really good common sense things that he says. And I mean, I essentially always love anything that starts off with the supposition born to Win.…"

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Josh Colon

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"…So I come to find out that they pretty much got everything from him itself. I'm also interested in it sounds like you're going for a sales role. I don't know what your priorities are as far as what jobs you're in search of, but if you're looking for a sales job, know where you're at. I could probably help you out. I'm now an intern manager.…"


Sontaia Briggs

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"…So it sounds very mysterious, but yeah, I can hit you in the private chat. Might be more appropriate, I guess. But thank you anyway for always engaging. For engaging as well. And thank you for your love. Listening to your story. I started listening to one, and then I was like, let me pause when I get home because it's, like, kind of noisy outside. All right, have a good weekend. And I'm on the east coast. Peace.…"

@Gitdown We have unique names 😁


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