Sontaia Briggs

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Neutral Thinking: It Takes What It Takes.

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"…He just knows about his practical experiences working with sports teams, whether it's collegiate sports teams or either NFL, and applying this idea of neutral thinking and it being successful. And I read listen to this book last year, like a few times. I thought it was really good. He has a lot of really good stuff in there.…"

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Aaron Waldron

@aShamaninJourny · 2mo ago · 2:30

"…But thank you for sharing this in the ether because this is where we need to be stepping into awesome.…"

@PKBriggs "We are reminded of wu wei." 🙏🏽🌊💭❤️💯


Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 2mo ago · 1:38

"…Third al, my friend and family. It has been a minute, I think that I feel like you're feeling in the air. No one is articulating it out loud, but we're all just and transmuting. You let me know. You're the word. Smith but we're all just kind of shifting in all these different ways and our focus attention is being drawn in all these different areas.…"

@The3rdOWL Yes. The shift is necessary.


Aaron Waldron

@aShamaninJourny · 2mo ago · 4:58

"…Hey, you just thought of something, something like really relative to what you brought up, you know, this notion of neutral thinking and how it can be embodied, impractical or practice even now. Right? So we were humoring the idea of job hunting in a very traditional way. So we were preparing our resume. And funny enough, it may sound like really sensitive, but job hunting and job applying is f****** traumatic as f***, man.…"

[Job Hunting] A relative experience.


Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 2mo ago · 2:39

"…This neutral thinking could be the key, especially for this, because you just can't worry about all the 50 jobs you apply to on Monday. You just have to keep moving forward, if anything. And all your nos, I guess, becoming more clearly defined on what a yes will look like. And that might be a stretch, but, yeah, I definitely think that is applicable.…"

@The3rdOWL totally feel that


Sasha Runyen

@sasharunyen20 · 2mo ago · 1:13

"…And I'm now taking a moment to myself tonight. I've been listening to some swells and cleaning my room, and I have the room to myself, and so I'm trying to just stay positive. And I got a little bit overwhelmed earlier, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my day because my day wasn't even necessarily bad at all. It was just overwhelming, and I was letting my thoughts rush through my head tonight.…"



Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2mo ago · 4:05

"…But then I kind of come to my senses and be like, onto the next one. Let's see what other people got out there. And yes, eventually somebody will respond to it anyway, but it's always like that. I think it's a healthier way of processing information and your emotions rather than to always expect the worst. I've come now to just not expect anything and just deal with the situation as it arrives.…"

Neutral thinking and Stoicism.


Aaron Waldron

@aShamaninJourny · 2mo ago · 2:10

"…Stoicism Huawei it's Not Really Something That Can Be Embodied when Someone Isn't In The Process Of Healing, because When We're Not In The Process Of Healing, that Means We're Not Open To Other Ways, we're Not Open To What's In Front Of US. We're not open to our perceived wrongs. So it definitely has to be when we're in a process of healing that we can take on or embody and practice these things. So that's what you made us think of.…"

"This way of thinking is for those in a process of healing." @FryedOreo @PKBriggs


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Yesenia Fernandez

@Her_Revolucion · 2mo ago · 4:51

"…And for me, I recently started going back to therapy after a few years and making this kind of adjustment in my life and applying all these things that I was looking into, but I was just touching the surface. And obviously when we do that, we don't dive deep enough or we just remain in one kind of idea or concept and disregard any other ways of thinking from other people's experiences, life experiences that can help us see things in different ways, not just as one way of thinking.…"

The power of letting go 🍃


Yesenia Fernandez

@Her_Revolucion · 2mo ago · 4:11

"…So I kind of know what that feels like based on experience and just now really taking this power back and understanding that I have the power to redefine these concepts or these ideas of what success is, what Positivity looks like, and just how I begin to view myself. So yeah, I just wanted to add that. And again, thank you for the space.…"

Fine tuning our personal beliefs on failed goals✨


Darrisha Daniel

@Dee94 · 2mo ago · 1:46

"…What you're talking about just puts me in the mind of Stoicism, and I try to invoke that sort of mentality in my day to day of not being too excited about accomplishments or too distraught about failures. It's just all about how you think about it, and you realize that it's all an ebb and flow, and we got to stay in the middle of it. So thank you, PK. I wish you the best in your new endeavors.…"

Stay blessed 🙏🏾


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