Sontaia Briggs
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Night meditations: Managing the minute.

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Good evening, friends. It is evening on the East Coast of the United States of America. In New York City, it is. Pk how you doing? You know what else thinking about tonight? Managing the minute. We do not have control over anything, really. We like to believe we do, but we really don't. And the best that we can do is manage the minute. Now, I would say moment, right? That rhymes also or hour or day

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Deborah Pardes
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Bird by bird https://s.swell.life/SSlD3nGTsmRemN4

She was talking to somebody, an older person about how do you get to learn about all those birds out there? And he said, Bird by Bird. And it's a beautiful lesson. And when you're a writer, if you want to write a novel, you better start writing sentences. So word by word, bird by bird, minute, breath by breath. It's all about the meditation of being present and gentle with yourself and those around you. And that's the recipe. Maybe
Sontaia Briggs
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Bird by bird - love it!

Thank you, Deborah, as always, for adding, adding, adding. I had this book by Anne Lamont as well. Help. Thanks. Wow. And I really enjoyed it actually. But for word by Bird, you want to write a book, sentence by sentence, word by word. I mean, it really makes life manageable when you think about things that way. Thank you. Have a great night. Bye
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