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Briggs Beer Journal #3 - If a Beer could be a song. Ode to Pale Ale

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"…Good evening. Swell. Pk here. This is, I think, the third episode of the Briggs Beer Journal. If am Briggs and this Briggs Beer Journal. If this is my ode to beer, this well, I'm going to call a a beer could be a song that was David Bowie Modern Love. And the beer for that song for me is something so delicious called Oxborom farmhouse actually is Oxboro Pale Ale farmhouse.…"

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Aaron Waldron

@aShamaninJourny · 7mo ago · 0:15

"…Wow. What a very informative and highly valuable critique. You're incredible, Santa. Truly incredible.…"

Jared Bogda

@JCB07 · 7mo ago · 1:14

"…Hey PK. Thanks for the music intro. That was a lot of fun to kind of just reflect and listen to. I like it when I missed the radio a lot because I feel like there's a little bit more randomness to the radio versus some types of Spotify, I guess you could say. Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to your swell and understanding kind of the different types of the beverage industry is huge and there's a lot of hops and a lot of this and a lot of that.…"


Professor Z

@Professor42 · 7mo ago · 1:22

"…Hey PK, just wanted to respond to this. I'm finally on my break at the moment and I wanted to let you know that I did listen to it and I think it's very informative and I do like these swell so I would definitely encourage you to do more of them. And I've also taken the time to look up the beer that you recommended and it looks like it is 4.5 out of five stars. So it is a highly rated beer.…"

Response 1 of 2. Great swell. Response 2/2 later


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