Sontaia Briggs
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Quarter to midnight: Fresh Eyes.

And now I'm just operating for me, and it's kind of wild. Like it's going to be Christmas soon, and I don't have to go out and find all these gifts. And I don't have all this anxiety around families and gatherings and going places and not going places, being invited, not being invited in or out. It's just different. And it's like I feel completely free. But also what goes with that freeness, like a bit of loneliness, right?

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Deborah Pardes
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And I think as much as I have longing for a partner, I also feel more alive inside of this dialogue that I'm having because it's with myself and it's not in reaction or in the context of another, as much as I love that
J.L. Beasley
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Less than the there meaning they are just not where I am at in terms of my perception and awareness and assessment of the holidays and what it means towards me. And so where they are at is very much so in the space of the status quo, what religion says, what society deems as acceptable
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Welcome to no filters, no effects and no templates re of life. #cheerschatty #relationships #lifelessons #swelldaily #swelltalk

I love my friends a lot, I met many people in life and the one thing I have learned a very hard lesson is that you need to love with detachment and everyone comes for a reason and a season. On that note, enjoy this Christmas season, have fun and tell us more about how you're enjoying your life. Cheers. Merry Christmas and this chatty from Cheers Charity sadly, take care
Sontaia Briggs
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I love this! And thank you.

Hey, Kathy, thank you so much. I really appreciate your response so much. Especially how you kind of broke it down with that little song that they play. Makes you almost want to go crazy. You hear so much. But yeah, you know, fresh eyes and perspective is a powerful thing. And I think sometimes we're always attracted to the shiny things and sometimes things are just what they are and you can learn so much from it. I think that's where I am now
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Welcome to Swell!

Sontaia Briggs
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@DBPardes Not being defined by dynamic!

Hey, Deborah. So good to hear your voice. Forgive the delayed response. I love that, what you say. You always have the greatest, like, these kind of, like, nuanced one liners, but, like, where you're not being defined by the dynamic which happens. Right