Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs·2mo ago·3:06

Forecast Wednesday’s: Higher than Yourself. Noisy swell 🚨

Notes to SelfMental Wellness

"…Whatever your mission, your vision, your goal is, don't just make it about your own self interest, that it should serve some common good. It should serve some higher good. If you're a person of faith or religion, you would be serving kind of the noble, I guess, truths or testaments of your God, if you will. But to just make it in a way that everyone can possibly receive this forecast higher than yourself.…"

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Josh Colon

@Gitdown · 2mo ago · 4:48

"…And if we could get everybody to work efficiently and get these bottom ten people to improve where you wanted to, then we'd have to get rid of anybody, right? And there's like, fine. Yes. So I feel no way. That's how I came back. Or also, it's always my goal is to help the people under me make more money than they ever have. So I work with them on their skills and get them motivated.…"


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