Sontaia Briggs
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Forecast Wednesday: Do you know how to WIN?

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I'm being naked right here in this world cast because I hope what I always hope in vulnerability, authenticity, and nudity is that it will free someone else. So that's my forecast for this Wednesday, PK has to learn how to win. I don't know if that's the truth for anyone else. I don't know if there's someone on you who's never even experienced this. If that's your truth, I would love to hear it

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Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 2:35

To win is to take on the impossible and live to tell about it.

And sometimes I can fall into simulating what that win would be like, and that being sufficient enough to where I wouldn't have to win really win. This is what made me so stagnant for so many years with getting my driver's license. I was rationalizing many ways in which I don't really need it. I'm more of a natural public commuter
Sontaia Briggs
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Getting ready for the next win! @FryedOreo

Hey, Duan, that makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for that additional perspective versus thinking. Not like being able to receive the win, but because design, I guess introspective and just always thinking like, okay, questioning the win. Is this a win? How did I win? How did this happen? Instead of just like some people, just when they receive it, they ride had to waive. But I'm taking it apart to get to the next one, right
Yesenia Fernandez
@Her_Revolucion · 2:59

To win is to reach a level of Gratefulness-Gratitude

So reaching this point where I have achieved my goal and I'm able to take a deep breath in and really just let it sink in, like this energy of just, wow. I am so deeply grateful that I came this far and I'm actually preparing myself for the next big thing. Now I no longer dress up my goals with winning. I don't know for me when I use the word winning or to win, I think of competing or something like that. That's just me
Process Imagining
@rafaelreyesiii · 3:20
Is this really it? I mean, am I really here? And it's almost surreal, right. And I think that's a struggle just because of the culture I grew up in in my religious upbringing, how humbleness becomes almost Godlike. So you don't deserve anything. And so with that, the term winning just isn't there. So I think accomplishing things is there, right? I accomplish things. I meet these spaces, I set these goals and I get there
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Welcome to Swell!

Sontaia Briggs
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@Her_Revolucion @rafaelr3

Then we're still here responding to the swell. So were you, Doctor, as I created a swell out of thought in my mind, like, we're here. We're still here. That is the wind. And I feel like someone else earlier. I think it was Friday. Oreo talked about what winning is. And I think that the idea of what a win is constantly evolving. So I think you got it. Her revolution. And now that is a revolution, right?