Sontaia Briggs

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Start where you are.

Mental WellnessNotes to Self

"…Good day. Good day, friends. P. K here. It has been a while. I've missed you all. It is Wednesday. It is forecast Wednesday. And the forecast for To Day, as it dropped into my spirit, is to start exactly where you are. And I feel like I might have said something similar, because, as we know, life has themes.…"

#resilience #yourpainisvalid #youarevalid #whatyougot #isenough #iampk


Lance Watson

@lwatsonjr · 3mo ago · 2:25

"…Greetings, PK. This is Reverend LJ. I want to start by saying I really do enjoy your introduction as PK as the as your moniker. I often have, in my own experience, phone context been called upon by those same initials because I am a preacher's kid. So PK is a nickname that I inherited just because of who I am and who I am. To your morning meditation. I really just wanted to come on and say that I greatly appreciate it and express my gratitude for it.…"

@PKBriggs: begin again…

Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 3mo ago · 1:30

"…But we have to remind ourselves that because we can just get caught up in what was or what didn't work out. And it's like I saw something on someone's Instagram page, and it was like something like, forget about the future, forget about the past. Like, right now. Because essentially, right this minute, these are the only things I have right this second. Tomorrow. Right. Like you said, it could be a womb. If it comes right, yesterday is gone.…"

@lwatsonjr Yes! Pk 😁 love it! Begin again!


Aaron Waldron

@aShamaninJourny · 3mo ago · 1:36

"…PK friend and family. What an amazing space. Honestly, this one today, right now, hit home directly is we just been going through sort of a low kind of current, a low season, a low part in the valley that we've been backpacking through.…"

@PKBriggs "We just went through this." 🙏🏽🌊💭♓️⚛️


Sontaia Briggs

@PKBriggs · 3mo ago · 1:04

"…Hello, Shaman. My apologies. I know we text each other, but I meant to reply on here. Actually. Your timing is actually always so on point because there is cosmically something going on. And I'd like to know a little bit more about this Capricorn moon, because you always tell me things that I don't teach me things I'm just not even aware.…"

@The3rdOWL Thank you for your light.

Start where you are.

@PKBriggs · 3mo ago · 1:41


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