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Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:20

Best Friends - Padme and Koda edition

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Okay. Swell. I have to post this photos of two of my favorite living beings on the planet. There's Coda and his big sister Padme, and they're just up to no good as you can see. And I wanted to share it with the world because I love my cats. And I wanted you to see them as well. So here they are

Here are a couple of cats to brighten up your day!

Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:11
Taylor, I was just going through the Pics forecast again, and I stumbled upon this beautiful gem that you took. I just wonder how you caught this exact moment. It's just brilliant
Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:23


I'm actually blessed and that my cats do cute stuff like this all the time. So I have plenty of examples of moments where they're just sharing the moment together. Sometimes when the opportunity presents itself to get a cat, I have no choice but to get a cat, and I might be getting another one this week, so I'll definitely be keeping you posted
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