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Airbnb Fees: Are we staying or housesitting?

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"…Not exactly what you want to hear because it doesn't really preclude them putting in the bathrooms or bedrooms, which kind of make me think a little bit more towards a hotel when I hear something like that because that's something I really didn't think about before, but now I do. So you put those two together and it really makes me think of the next vacation I take will probably be staying at a hotel.…"


Taylor J

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"…You were really able to find wonderful places to stay for relatively cheap amount of money. But like everything, the more it catches on, the more the company wants to make money. And they'll find all sorts of ways now to charge you extra. I remember recently I was trying to plan a trip, and of course, the room is advertised as something like 100 and let's say $70 a night. And so you think, okay, it's going to be just shy of $600.…"


Bowie Rowan

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"…And I would say that overall Airbnb are worth it generally for more extended stays because you can get some discounts and then even with the cleaning fees, some of them probably come out to be cheaper than if you were to stay at a hotel or something for a month, but 100% for shorter stays. At this point I have definitely been able to find decent hotels for one or two nights that are a lot more reasonable than the Airbnb.…"


Deborah Pardes

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"…Reading all the tweets in this article, oh, my God, it just feels so resonates with me and everything I'm hearing in this thread, it's just like, well, yeah, I think the honeymoon period is over. That's kind of what we're dealing with here. I feel the same way about Lyft and Uber, by the way. All good things come to a crossroads, I'd say.…"



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Chelsea Hanawalt

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"…I've had really good experiences with airbnb and talking with the host and I'm giving recommendations or one of the hosts, I think they had like two units and they were there and they drove me and my friends to a place where we didn't have a car in New Orleans, and they drove us to a part of town that we wanted to go to and it was just we totally hit it off and it was really great.…"


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