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Introducing Travel Expert Influencer and Guru: Lisa Niver

I am going to ask a few questions of Lisa and then I'll open it up to the Swell community to ask their questions because it appears that Lisa not only has a passion for travel, but has a passion in helping other people realize their travel goals and travel dreams. So with that, I want to welcome Lisa Niver and I'll start in with a few questions just to introduce you to the Swell community. Thank you for being here

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Please tell us about your passion for travel

Lisa, I'd like to begin in talking about the passion that you have for travel. And I really see this as two distinct but related passions, and one is the actual passion to travel itself. And I'm wondering, where did that start? Where did you get that from? And also curious if you still have it, do you still have that passion to travel? Even after traveling halfway around the world, over a hundred countries, six continents, is it still there?
Lisa Niver
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So I'm trying to figure out, is my class how to travel more, how to write about travel? Maybe I'm having more than one class, but I do really love helping people make their travel dreams come true. And I'm so honored that you invited me here to swell
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The Anthony Bourdain Question

Feel free to give your best travel experiences as well, but I'd love to know your worst travel experience, and I can give you Anthony Bourdain's answer to his worst meal experience ever
Lisa Niver
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You? Well, Phil, honestly, I like any question that I'm in with Anthony Bourdain. That's very exciting to me. I've never been in a question with Anthony Bourdain before. And you're right, he had a kind of explosive personality about if the best meal. I do like the question. I think that for me, a lot of traveling is about the experience. So I don't know that I ever have had a worst trip
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Advice for the uncertain and procrastinators

Lisa the topic of travel can be absolutely overwhelming for some people. There are just so many choices that you can choose from on where to go, what to do, that it absolutely just overwhelms people to the point where even when they know they want to go on vacation somewhere, they're not sure where to go. And they end up procrastinating to the point where they end up just taking a long weekend. Somewhere that's an hour drives from where they live them
Lisa Niver
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I was recently there. I interviewed Dr. Richard Murphy on World Environment Day. He's been working with the Cousteau Society for 50 years. And so you just never know. I think people worry a lot about, will it be the perfect place? Is this the only time I'm ever going? And I think again, you just have to slow down and think about what makes you happy. People come to me all the time and they say, Where should I go on vacation?
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How do you combat jetlag?

Lisa one of the biggest excuses I hear for people not wanting to travel too far away from home is the dreaded jet lag. A lot of times I'll hear people say, I don't want to travel too far because by the time I get where I'm going, I'm just too fatigued to do anything, and I just sit in bed. And then by the time my body acclimates to the time zone of where I'm at, it's time to come home
Lisa Niver
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For me, like to use melatonin, that really helps me get in the time zone and not be awake in the middle of the night. Another thing that helps me, I try not to drink too much alcohol or caffeine around bedtime. People that say they can drink coffee all day and night, it doesn't affect them. I can't speak to that because I actually don't drink coffee. But I know for myself, being hydrated really does help
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Please tell us more about your upcoming book!

You've convinced me that's a great idea and I love it. And you mentioned a that you're writing. I was wondering if you could tell us more about this book. If it is anything like the advice that you have given so far, I am there. I am buying it because that really you've been there. You've helped people travel and just have that knowledge and that calming presence. This should really be something
Lisa Niver
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@Phil #book #author #brave #travel @LisaNiver #Braveish #challenges #smallsteps

It's. Phil, I'm so excited that you're going to take a cooking class. Please report back to us what you decided and thank you so kindly for asking more about my book. My book is called Bravish. One Breakup, Six Continents and Feeling Fearless After 50. So it is available now for preorder. I will see if I can figure out how to add a link here, but you can find Bravish