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phil spade

 · 5mo ago · 2:23
Wimbledon: Underarm Serve: Dirty or Strategic?

"…But in the press conference, Andy Murray defended the use of the underarm serve, said it is in the rules, there is nothing illegal about this serve, and defended it because Duckworth at one point of the match, decided to take a few steps back on the first service, and that gives him an advantage. And Murray in response, that if you're going to take steps back like that, then I potentially am going to have this and I may use this serve.…"


Arish Ali

 · 5mo ago · 1:14

"…It's not normally that you can do it consistently like once the other guy is aware that you might do this and then doesn't go that far back and it's that you can very easily rush and kill away if not done well. So there is not much of an advantage to it. I would think at that level of play other than the element of surprise, that's something people should be prepared for. I think that it is a fair weapon that anybody can use.…"


Ben Dickson

 · 5mo ago · 0:52

"…So I'm really interested to see if this underhand serve and all the publicity it got will get other tennis players thinking about using the underhand serve in game, too.…"


phil spade

 · 5mo ago · 1:20

"…But I'm sure Rod Peru is sitting in his chair at home going nuts every time he sees that left field line compliance completely open. So I'm waiting for somebody to actually take advantage of an open field and just get on base.…"