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Thursday Night Games!

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"…But they played the better competition than Virginia Tech. And I think that's why they're favorite. They've been able to move the ball. They move the ball against Kansas. They move the ball against Pittsburgh, two teams that Virginia Tech has not played the likes of. And when I look at where West Virginia struggled, pittsburgh, they really didn't struggle. It was a pretty just even football game in my opinion.…"

Previewing all four games: Weird Spreads again!

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"…And last year they actually lost to Georgia Southern. So I think they're going to try to get some revenge in this one. They're three and oh, they're trying to stay undefeated. Georgia Southern is Owen three. So I think Coastal Carolina gets revenge from last year and they win tonight. I like Georgia or I like coastal Carolina moneyline. West Virginia moneyline. Steelers plus four. And the under 38. In these three games, I have four plays. Once again, Steelers plus four.…"


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"…So the Steelers did not cover that four points. And talking about that game, the stealers I don't think are very good with Mitchell Trubisky. Their offense does not look good at all and I think they might have an offensive coordinator problem because even the last couple of years of Big Ben people were questioning that Canada's offense and I can kind of see it. And also their defense does not look good without TJ Watt.…"

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"…Sometimes I talk myself out of these things and I don't know why, but, yeah, we saw the ball pretty clearly last night in the college game.…"


Thursday Night Games!

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