phil spade

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The All Power to All People Statue

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"…And isn't that what art should be about, is driving that conversation? And I loved reading an interview with him where he talked about the statues have to have more meaning these days. They're going to be held to a higher standard and putting that much more thought into our statues and monuments, I think is what needs to happen. So I'm curious what the reaction here on Swell is. Do you like this piece? Do you hate it?…"

Art that is driving conversation. What do you think of this piece?


Ty Dobbs

@dobbsty · 2mo ago · 2:48

"…And just because it wasn't taught or widely tested on or educated on doesn't mean that it's not useful history to know. I myself went to college and was starting to be a history major and still did not even know what exactly June 8 was until this past weekend, when I had a very passionate, outspoken, kind hearted gentleman lecture the crowd on what it meant and why we celebrate it.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 1:30

"…I echo Ty's response to this. Thank you for posting it. And, Ty, it sounds like you had an incredible engagement with that human being who was trying to just be a beacon for knowledge and passion and history and context. I think these kinds of pieces of art remind me of why art is so important. Because it came from someone's vision of what they wanted to see in the world, and they made it be in the world. And that's what great art is about.…"



jack f

@zejacques · 2mo ago · 1:46

"…I love it. There's such an interesting history in America, and I think Tyler's mentioning not learning about this stuff in school, and just because it's not taught doesn't mean it's not important. I would go a step further to say if something hasn't been taught in school, then it's probably very important to learn it because people have forced you to not learn it for a particular reason. Anyway, thanks again for the chat. This is my thoughts. Take care.…"


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