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College Football Week # 2

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Pitt had a very nice win against West Virginia last week. This should be an outstanding game. And I remember last year this game, Tennessee and Pitt, they kind of had an offensive showdown and we'll see if that is going to be the same again. Kentucky and Florida, these are two teams that really don't like each other that much, at least the schools don't both in basketball and football

A preview of this weekend's big games

Brady Poppler
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So what are your guys'kind of takes on this? I will have more of a prediction and picks, but let's go to Friday real quick and talk about this game. UCF in Louisville. Louisville lost against Syracuse and got destroyed 34 to seven. UCF is minus five and a half. I think UCF will win this game in Boise State and New Mexico State. Boise State did not look good week one
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@bradypoppler Iowa--I've seen this show before

And if they do that, then I'd love to get less than three points for something to cover. I'd love to be able to win by a field goal, but I completely left that off of the preview, and that is a game that I will absolutely be watching. Iowa and Iowa State, that is a bitter rivalry in State, so one that's well worth watching. And I expect Kurt, for instance, to have a few aces up his sleeve
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