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J Moor
@Phase_Reality · 5:00

Social media for the win when you are ANXIOUS

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Go on Instagram right now and just type in positive, affirmations, positivity, generosity, niceness joy, and just follow those hashtags and see your algorithm completely change. My guess is once you figure that part out that you're going to go change all your social apps and then all of a sudden, the thing that you saw was so being so negative is now turning into this positive thing. Every time I go on my social media, I'm like, I got to work a little bit harder

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 0:38
I think it involves a massive amount of self control and being able to really filter your thoughts off and not allow yourself to spiral or go down a black hole or into any classic comparison or anything like that. Yeah, I think it would involve a lot of self awareness as well as discipline. But I do see where you're coming from
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Quinne Brown Huffman
@Quinne · 2:23
And then suddenly over the past couple of years or so it's become more of my public profile and I love how I have been inspired by those I follow and algorithms that has put things in my pathway that has me now on track to publish and to share my channel thoughts
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