Studying is not equal to great score

It depends upon especially in the Indian system, it depends upon the grasp you have over the pattern analysis, over what comes in the exam. So suppose we are studying for a test and there's a test and we study everything. Okay, there's supposed chapter. Let's just go to the basics to school. There's a chapter from school which we have to study the whole chapter. Someone studies the whole chapter, understands the whole chapter, knows the whole chapter thoroughly

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Sreeja V
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But somehow the very concept, the very idea of education is lost, right? One is just preparing for exams and learning how to crack these exams. And I understand from her that world over, people are now looking at the Indian education system in a very different light because of these problems, because employability then becomes a huge issue because these students are only preparing for exams and the kind of in depth knowledge that they might have about the subjects, the basic fundamentals, the concepts, right?
Manalika Das
@Manalika · 2:11
So it's better to learn two or three days before the exam if I'm able to retain it. So I used to do this method whenever I had an exam, I used to study for study before it like two, three days before the actual exam. So this really helped me because I knew that my short term memory is good and if I learn something today, I will be able to retain it for two or three days and I'll be able to write my exam well
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Shashank Sehgal
@SSS135 · 2:47
And when I came to college, I realized that all the subjects that I studied in 10th, 1112 did not really matter. Some did, some did not. So now I'm in college and I'm only focusing on those subjects which will help me in life, and I am devoting my full time to those subjects. And with subjects which will not help me, I am just studying them to pass on. So my strategy is very different. I am understanding everything
shilpee bhalla
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Hello sana. It's really a very important topic you touch and seriously, how are you parenting? Or that's a bad thing for a kid, for a personality, for a social it's
Kritika Saraf
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Lightly said only scoring is not important. Studying is equally important because knowledge is the main part
Krish Sehrawat
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I totally believe and completely agree what you said. And, yeah, it is. This is a very important topic to come up, and thank you for that
Tanishka Singh
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But if you always keep on thinking about exams because I always thought about exams, I didn't think about studying. And that kind of led me to understand that I was doing it all wrong. I was always thinking through the cracking the exams perspective, but not from the perspective of learning something out of the subject. I do agree with what you have to say, and this was just something like adding. So yeah. Thank you so much for this. Well, it was great