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Rebecca Cardenas
@pepperbeka · 5:00

Resuming Brand Development on Instagram in 7 STEPS - Step 4: Posting Best Practices, Appropriate Engagement & Efficiently PART 1

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You've worked so hard, so hard working on this piece of content to only receive a few likes. And although likes matter, again, the point is you want to grow your account because you want to grow your brand awareness. You want to grow your brand awareness so you can potentially nurture those followers into becoming clients, depending on if you have a product or service that might change what the outcome or your objective of your page is

I said popcakes 4 times 🤭😂 it’s cake pops!! #branddevelopment #instagram #instgramstrategy

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:12
Oh, yeah. I feel so called out. I always post and ghost, so yeah, that's really something to keep in mind. Thank you so much for continuing to share on here
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