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David Robles
@PedagogyGang · 5:00

Thoughts about Modern Family

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Manny. I like that guy. His mom is Sophia Vergara, but she plays Gloria Pritchard and she's married to Jay Pritchard, who's way older. Way older than her. And that's kind of like the fun thing. Yeah, it's like always. Yeah. So the one where there's an age difference, the guy who the one who's older, his two kids, the son and the daughter, they're the other families

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:52
Hey, David. This was great, man. I believe you're a middle school teacher telling by the photo here and the interaction that you had because I had those same interactions every day for about six and a half years. Listening to you guys talk, it made me miss it, I'm not going to lie. I loved having conversations with my students, especially about things involving pop culture
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