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David Robles
@PedagogyGang · 4:16

Thoughts about Grading

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We should grade kids on how much support they needed from the teachers so you can see what their weak spots are, so parents can see what their weak spots are and help support them that way. And for assessments, what we should do is we should have one class teach. We should have partners from one class to another class, teach each other about something. And then if the person who was taught can explain it, then the person who is teaching clearly understands the topic

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Ann-Gela Kaye
@DearAuntyAng · 2:20
The school, and they don't have homework. And so I love that. And they sent home a whole entire packet showing the research to support there's no need for homework. And I'm happy to say that my son, now in his public school, does not have homework. The only homework they're given is if they do not finish something in class, they have the opportunity to finish it at home. And I actually love that. I don't think homework has ever been necessary
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Leanne Pritchett
@TheMs.Leanne · 1:26
Wow, I really enjoyed that so much. As a special education teacher, Tobias, you are so spot on, man. I so agree with you. Like your teacher, I'm the same way. I feel that it is important to embolden the students and to teach, treat them with the respect they deserve. Now, regarding grade system yeah. It's not indicative of what the students know. And you're right, it is standards based
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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:56

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There's a lot of cool hashtags here that we can use on Swell and so I'm going to tag a couple that I feel like apply. And as you continue to you don't have to reuse these necessarily, but these are just ones I feel like fit. And if you want to use more, there is a list in the main page that could be helpful but otherwise just keep doing this
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