Parks&Rec Ramblings
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Introducing Parks and Rec Ramblings! A rewatch podcast about our favorite Pawnee gang plus spilling the IRL Parks & Rec green tea! 🏞️☕️

Hello. Okay, so parks and recreation, the show meets parks and rec. IRL 13 years I've been working in parks and recreation, I have got stories upon stories. So let's do a rewatch of parks and rec. Leslie nope. Bronze, swanson, the whole gang. And my I've got some story time, so if anyone is interested in what that's really like yeah. Stay tuned

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Chelsea Hanawalt
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Hi. Oh, my gosh, I am so excited about this. Parks and rec is one of, like, I would probably say is my favorite show. It's my comfort show. I rewatch it all the time, and I just love all the characters so much. And I really can't wait to follow along as you rewatch this great show and then hear kind of inside our view of the since you work in parks and Rec. I love this
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