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Hi Irish palakristai. So today I want to tell you guys how was my day. So I technically went back to my college today because of some society work. So I am in an art society of my college and today was a workshop, warlihood workshop, technically. So last time, November, I did this art form when I was like in six standard. And then today I went on this workshop. I heard a lot. The workshop was like around three years long

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Hey, fellow. Hi. So even I am an art society of my own college. And being a law student, I was told by many people not to take part in this society. But I just refused them and took part and yeah. And as you are also not society so I would like to know about your experiences. And definitely, as you just mentioned that you had your workshop and you made some posters even I had done so many times this thing and I really loved it
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Hey, thank you so much for listening and replying to me as well. And yeah, I do promise that my police society will be workshop meeting, which interesting sabadora so I will share. And there was also want to tell you that you are literally the first person I have heard the same in Germany. And we are around like, I guess 20 to 25 girls. And you are like the fifth person I'm seeing right now. Thank you so much. Bye
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