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Navigating Our way. Conversations :with my daughter

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"…What makes you really annoyed? My brother. What do you think is the worst thing that could happen? One of my family members. I'm really close to dying, probably. It's like the worst thing ever. It's not fun. What makes you feel proud? When I get a good grade in my classes and you hype me up for it. Makes me feel good about myself. You did so good. Your last report. Apart from Jim. No, it's fine. Okay.…"

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Josh Colon

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"…She probably knew that you and the rest of your family are very accepting, but, you know, she probably notices how hyper feminine you are, or at least you sound to me. I guess sometimes you can through listening and our interactions, you could kind of, like, pick up on certain things. I may be wrong, but oh, my God, this is really sweet. And I'm grateful that you shared this. I like to hear her perspective a little bit.…"

Lindsey Morrison

@OwenWilsonsNoze · 2mo ago · 4:08

"…Anyway, I had to have my little pity party and then get back to the big picture and I have to do that a lot of the time daily. Yeah. Thank you so much for your reply. And I'm, like, wicked feminine. I'm going to interview all my family, even my layaway is what I call them. I've been engaged for 13 years, so I feel weird calling on my boyfriend or fiance at this point.…"

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Josh Colon

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"…So much like your layaway, as you call him, has been helping you raise your children or he's probably the father of your kids and there isn't any more commitment than that. And I can only imagine that kids are so expensive and raising them that at the end of the day, this huge, expensive wedding that's just memories for your guests is not getting in the way with the commitment that you have for each other. So you have to prioritize for them.…"

Josh Colon

@Gitdown · 2mo ago · 4:33

"…And yes, Leo is going to be stronger than most just because of who Leo is. But I think that strong sense of self that you're instilling in them is so powerful. You really do not need to look at yourself any different from as a mother. If nothing else, you could hang your laurels on the fact that you possibly saved a life.…"

Josh Colon

@Gitdown · 2mo ago · 4:29

"…But even fostering, just if you have that homeless youth that has their life in danger or an older kid that just can't get adopted, I am very much into really changing other people's lives. It's part of the military. Like you sign on and you crave for that big hero moment. And I think providing the ammunition to take on this world for kids. I would feel like a big hero.…"

Lindsey Morrison

@OwenWilsonsNoze · 2mo ago · 3:12

"…Hey, Josh. I have white recorded this message probably three or four times, because I don't I'm I'm I don't know how I feel. I'm confused in a way, but just hoping, like, I haven't given the wrong impression at all, then what I'm trying to put out is just from a loving place. I don't have any motives. I don't have any I just been rocky really wants to be closer.…"

💗hoping I'm not giving ... The wrong impression

Josh Colon

@Gitdown · 2mo ago · 3:22

"…I think I didn't mean to get I don't think I got the wrong impression. I think I would speak from maybe I spoke wrong. I think maybe I was speaking from, like, what's natural. Like, if you're holding a baby and you love them, of course you have plans for them.…"

Lindsey Morrison

@OwenWilsonsNoze · 2mo ago · 1:05

"…You don't need to apologize or anything about anything because I'm just crazy.…"


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