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The day I "snapped"

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But something in me since that day snapped. And the reason why I'm talking about this is because I don't know. I want to ask you all if you've ever had something snapping you, causing you to just be anxious, crazy person kind of no, totally. And what you did or if you're still having issues or what you did to overcome it or something. So what's the scariest moment that you've had? And has it been healed?

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And I didn't have a map forward of what I was supposed to do next or what that looked like. But it gave me the beginning of the path forward to where I'm at today, where I will espouse and tell anyone and everyone about the beauty of nuance and complexity, about the shades of gray instead of dual perspectives or instead of a polar or binary perspective that there's so much more. So I'm grateful for it now, but we're several years out from there
Deborah Pardes
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Hey, Lindsay, it's good to hear your voice in this topic. Thank you for sharing your story. And Christina, thank you for sharing yours. I wanted to let you know specific to motherhood and mothering and when events like this just change you. I think it's really common and understandable. Next week I'm going to be speaking with Dr. Sherry Ross, who has been on here before. She's a really renowned gynecologist and I talked to her
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