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Use this Swell to record audio that may be used on the "Opie Radio" podcast! Love to hear from you.

Hey guys. Thanks for listening to the Opieradio podcast. I really, really appreciate it. And if you feel like you got something for the podcast, use this well to leave some audio. It could be about past episodes, something you heard. Or maybe you got an idea idea for a future episode or you just want to talk. Leave it here. I've been going through all the audio and I've been picking a few to put on the podcast itself

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And I don't think that way I have certain thoughts on both sides of the docket. But then I talked to Liberal friends and they call me a total right wing nut just because I believe on one spade of one issue. And it's the same thing. When I talk to my right wing friends, they call me just a complete left wing Liberal hippie. And it's just an all or nothing of the game. And you see that there's no bipartisan votes anymore
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Any plans to make Opie radio masks for people?

Hey, Opie, what's up? It's Adam G. I was just wondering if you had any plans to make Opie radio masks. I know you do the Tshirt shop, but that would be a really good idea. Good way to promote the podcast and get the show name out there. Not to mention you'd be a freaking hero if you gave a bunch of them for free. So just good luck. And I hope everything's going great out there in Long Island
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I’d buy one!!!

I buy one excellent idea. And it would help people see how important it is. And they'd feel cool wearing it
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You can go get them. You can read them. They're pretty horrific. You mentioned the Epstein Doc series, right? You talk about that in the podcast, right in there. The girls say Clinton was at the party, but he never did anything. He never touched anybody, right? He never did anything out of sorts. Trump Epstein Galaine. They're pictured with each other tons of times and Trump stands accused
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@OpieRadio you can lift anything I say CC-by-SA 4.0

Hey, Greg, you're onto something. Here the microphones, the little mic buds or whatever. The way to record on a handset is pretty high quality. And hey, fair play to you. Integrate it to open radio. I'm just discovering you, but I'm locked in Ireland, so, you know, our wavelength points more to the UK, not to New York or the East Coast. But anyway, I'm a new listener. How about that? Thanks