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What is the plan as far as sending our kids back to school? Touched on it on latest "Opie Radio" podcast https://omny.fm/shows/opie-radio-1/fdisney

I believe it's pretty safe to say that we all want our kids back at school in the fall, but I just want to know what is the plan. No one seems to know what is the plan moving forward. And have you also noticed that the people that are all raw, we got to open up the schools and send our kids back into school. They need this, of course they need to learn

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Hey, I just invited two principals, administrators, teacher people. I'm putting their act symbols here because I think they're in the hot seat and have great conversations going on in their own lives. So I hope that they can share it here. Coach Jeffrey and principal Mayor
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So they're also interacting the days of, I think, 30 to 40 kids in a classroom. I think they never should have been that way. I think those days are gone and it should be. It's just how do they change the entire structure of an entire school system in Philly? It's not going to be easy. Those kids go to public schools, which are already atrocious here
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Risk it

Hey, Obi, this is J. W. Just want to say if you spent a long, hot summer in the south with my child, I think come fall, you would be more than willing to risk it and let her go back to school
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But could you imagine giving it to a teacher or vice versa? And all these other kids? I mean, schools are a petri dish as it is, depending on their age. And now you want this a pandemic going around now, come on. People need to smart and h*** up. Deal with it. Bite the bullet. It could be way worse. And it's just don't make a mess anymore than it needs to be
Daniel Hastings
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Absolutely no way, probably

We're looking at maybe doing some kind of supplemental learning where we do part of it ourselves and then have them get some help for some other parts. We're just trying to get creative with it, but leaning heavily toward not participating in the public school it's system in the fall
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Curious as to your thoughts...

I know that they are saying in a large school district like La that they're going to be providing students with the means to access the curriculum, communicate with their teachers. I know that this is going to be quite the endeavor to overcome. I taught at one school that had a very small population and they managed to get devices to the students for the remainder of last semester. But another school I work out with about 1500 students
Howie Rubin
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And from my point of view, I really think that the teaching community has to sit down with the pre programming community and really come up with a curriculum that makes distant learning really work