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What has the Coronavirus taught you?

Good morning, all. I got a simple one for today. What has the Coronavirus taught you? In my case, it's taught me patience. It's taught me that labels don't matter. It's taught taught me to slow down and look around a bit and live in the what has the Coronavirus taught you? You

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Mark is cool
@Sgt.MarkFusett · 2:19
But this definitely showed that as a country and as a world, this is no one country's fault except for China, of course, but we are not prepared for something devastating to happen to our lives like this. And this is truly a devastating event. God forbid, if something much more horrific than this virus, that something or a comet, an asteroid or major earthquake or something like that, that would truly disrupt everybody's life. We are s*** out of luck
Rich Butters
@Creamy · 1:32
So as you all go about your day, all you open podcast listeners, you don't have to worry about me. You don't have to worry about the creamy kid, because I'm just doing fine. Eating hot dogs, drinking iced coffee, enjoying the finer things in life. This pandemic. It kind of sucks, but you wash your hands, you wear your mask, you stay the f*** away from people. I think that's pretty good
Leena Barbori
@blovleeanyway31 · 0:05
Real people love to live
Katey Kurzawa
@Katey8472 · 4:47
And I really don't want to get political. But I do blame our government for giving misinformation, hiding, taking back information, putting out false information, just not giving the full truth. It's so misleading. And it's dividing people so much at a time where we need to not only come together collectively as a community, to support one another, but to come together in general, to try to combat this and to do better things for our country in general