Is "Quiet Firing" the Counter Response to "Quiet Quitting" trens

Not really a lot of involvement in special projects or assignments because their employer is basically just finding a legitimate way to let them go without it being a big deal. So if they distance themselves from that particular employee, maybe that employee will feel so uncomfortable or distant and purposeless that they'll just want to seek another opportunity and they won't have to go through a whole bunch of hobblah and mess. And I'm like, oh, wow, way to flip the script

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And so if there was any such thing as a job record there that was mandatory reporting or something like that, that would be one big mark on that person's ability to get a job in the future. I told her that's just and number two, it's really just downright uncool. Just not cool, girl. And I'm not sure I got my point across, but it wasn't a hard job to start out with
Deborah Pardes
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But it's absolutely a form of bullying when somebody is passive aggressive and positioning you in a way that ultimately makes you leave, or when somebody is just failing at their own job because they're psychologically so torn up by going every day that it leads to a firing. There's so many levels here. I'm not an expert at all in human resources, but I know that we are a culture that's really struggling right now
Tim Lara
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I don't really necessarily want to climb the ladder anymore, so maybe I just want to do my job and be done with it. Maybe I'm not looking to be an HR superstar. So I guess it just depends on people's perception. Do I think that people are definitely overworked? Yeah. Do I think that people are being taken advantage of, especially in hourly wage jobs? Especially in the food industry, especially in sales jobs and things


There has to be shifting in my mind and this is my optimistic perhaps or idealistic is a valuing of humans. And when we do that then the business will thrive
Sebastian Cahill
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Only that I think even this kind of way that I've heard people talking about it online just contributes to this job environment where it's essentially okay for workers to be exploited because their job duties. They're supposed to make work their life. They're supposed to live to work instead of working to live. Yeah. Enjoyed hearing other people's responses to this conversation I think is really interesting. But yeah. Thank you again for bringing this out
J.L. Beasley
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All of the things I had done, there were news articles of people wanting to tour and speak to us about the great work and accomplishments we had. All of that went down the drain because she had a focus on who she wanted to hire and that was her mission. I also just had this conversation with my current leader on Monday where she came into my office, gave me a compliment oh, you do XYZ so well
Dewuan .
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And I don't care about the job at that point. And I've done that to a couple of supervisors in my past, and I never got fired. So sometimes it's a matter of nonverbal communication that you have to exchange. It's a social, primal language. It's like, hey, you f****** with alphabet. Are you sure you want to do this? And they kind of quiver like I'm sorry. I'm just making sure. Okay
If I could just add here, Deborah you claim you don't know anything about human resources. Let me tell you, my dear, you are a human resource. Your recommendations are for swells that I've gone to listen to molding a whole new person here. I'm understanding myself. I'm understanding the world in an incredible new way. You are amazed. Easy just had to say that. Thank you
Adam E.L. Anthony
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But a lot of that could be curbed if the opportunity for mentorship, career and personal development is a value. It's something that people aren't just giving lip service too, but actually have actions and plans to continue that. And I am someone who is over the service and maybe your granddaughter is that kind of person. I can't speak to who she is, but maybe that could be relatable
Adam E.L. Anthony
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Deb. I already added on to this conversation, so I just want to say thank you. But this is very important because it's not just me that needs to be able to, you know, spark this and come continue it. It needs to be other people because I'm trying to learn and gather insight for a very real and relatable scenario that some of us, myself included, face in the workplace. So thank you for tagging me in it
Adam E.L. Anthony
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There's some areas of improvement, but somewhere else that actually exists. Not saying it's perfect, not saying that everything is just hunky dory, but they are prepared to act because that's in their values and they basically put their money where their mouth is. When you see companies, organizations or teams give some lip service and not actually put forth actions or at least communication that is consistent and measurable, you lose some trust. You have disconnect
Adam E.L. Anthony
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@SeekingPlumb thank you.. 🙏🏽❤️

Hi. Good morning, Christina. As always, you provide some really great conversation and inputs, so thank you for being a part of this discussion. I also want to say I am sorry that that is something you've experienced as far as the bullying and the subtle firing or quiet firing is what we're talking about
Adam E.L. Anthony
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@sebc23 thank you for being here 🙏🏽❤️

Our needs are quite different when it comes to the workplace and what we're looking for and if we're aware of that, if we're cognizant of it, I mentioned this somewhere else. It's hard to just say, okay, I'll take it less and be cool with less, when really it's under serving me and also potentially it's harmful to me
Adam E.L. Anthony
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@Her_Sisu glad you are here 🙏🏽❤️

It's shameful and it is unfortunate that that happened to you in terms of your expertise, your skills, your accomplishments were overshadowed because of an unfavorable interaction or work relationship that you had with another colleague, which happened like you're right way back when in the dust. And that person brought it forth to use probably as some sort of reasoning for why they could justify blocking you from the next level
Adam E.L. Anthony
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People will definitely see how much you can either take, what you're okay with, what you're not okay with, and how you respond in kind. And the thing that I believe is, to your point, if we're not getting paid anymore, if there's not an increase as far as the job itself for our well being, but yet it requires more work, there's a disconnect there. There's definitely a disconnect
Dewuan .
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@onwardandupward 🙏🙏

But you know, I'm I am aware that especially in the corporate scenario, especially with when you're involving women or even minorities of that matter who have to work a little bit harder to climb the corporate success ladder, you can get into situations with people where it can become quite hostile to which if you do react in a visceral way, you can be penalized for that. So I definitely understand that
J Twisted
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And I have experienced it too, a couple of times, I think two times that I have in mind. And I can't say much about my current situation. And I think that probably says a lot about the culture in which I'm working and as how that applies to the fears that I have about being quietly fired. But I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their opinions and experiences on this because it's a problem. Well, here, let me back up a second
Wendie Berry
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That needs to be done. Quiet quitting has been going on for a long time. I've been in the workforce for quite a while, and I think that employers do that in particular, because if someone quits, they don't have to worry about unemployment, but if they fire them, then they stand a chance of having to pay unemployment or going through the battle of fighting about that. So I think they've been doing that for a long time
Eric Owens
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All factory workers would be miserable. Job satisfaction has some to do with the job, but a whole lot more about the person. If you look at it like it's this thing that's separate from the man or the woman, then you take all the fun out of it. You basically reduce it to an activity. For instance, the work from home ID is great. You're in control of what you wear, what you eat and drink, and how long you're on break
Adam E.L. Anthony
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@theprimalbrain thank you 🙏🏽❤️

And I just really want to say thank you for providing another perspective. Here is something that I'm going to be thinking about in my own personal career development as I move forward. Take care and be well

Im quiet quitting my job ive had for a year and a half

The thing is that the problem with this, because I was reading a little bit about this on one of the mainstream news sites. You can't get buck about this unless the company is willing to say, hey, we're f****** up and we need to change. But we're not just going to tell you that by actions. We're going to show you that we are going to change and we're going to be more professional. That's on the company
Adam E.L. Anthony
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I 24. Yes. So I also just want to say I do wish you the best of what I was saying on future job prospects or also if it's still within this current place of employment, you're able to see some positive change. Ultimately. I'm not giving any advice. I just hope that for you and I thank you for your platform and you're insight on this discussion so much. Thank you
Eric Owens
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So for those of you that may not be that familiar with maybe you're new to the workforce, maybe you just got out of college, let me educate you on something. The impatience of management, the reason why the problems, the way they are is because of their mindset, their attitudes, and the way they treat. People don't know where it comes from. And I don't really care. I don't care what their childhood was like
Josh Colon
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That's why I say sometimes all the experience in the world means nothing if you're not using it to apply yourself and be your best. Sometimes the person who's hungry would be a better employee than the person who's not and absolutely has all the knowledge and all the experience in the world. I'm not capitalizing on anything that they could bring to the table. But when it comes to quiet quitting, I just feel that as long as it's quiet, no one gets anywhere, right?
Adam E.L. Anthony
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I really like how you counter proposed instead of the answer to quiet quitting is quiet firing, but to inquire to those employees and ask and explore the root cause of why they're quiet quitting, which in my opinion, it does not seem like you're holding anyone's hand or babying or coddling. You just see employees that you value and believe are still an asset and want to get to the problem and come up with a solution that's feasible. So thank you for bringing that to the discussion