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"…Wanted to share with you all a recent experience that I had while travel in Kashmir and wanted to just see what you feel about it. I love visiting the Dargas. The last time I went to Kashmir I was visiting this very famous Sufi Darga called Kanchai Mala in Srinagar. And while entering I was asked my religion and before I could reply, my assistant said that I was Abdullah Khan and of course immediately I was let inside the mosque. But it was something I was not very comfortable about.…"

Places of worship not being open to all is problematic . #masjid #temple #church #Gurdwara #gendreBias #religion


Deborah Pardes

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"…Hey, Anna, it's so great to hear your voice here. Always. You always have such a generous, expansive, inviting conversation with us. And this swell is no different. First, I want to say how sorry I am that you had that experience and that this experience you just mentioned where the lie got you in on some levels is even worse. It's embarrassing.…"

Ripple out , dear Onir. You are welcome on my temple any time. 🌱


Sreeja V

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"…I remember visiting the Holden temple at Amritsar and I think that was one of the most divine experiences for me personally and to think that it was also the site of a horrible massacre in the early 80s. But yet how it continues to retain that serenity, the sense of calm that you get when you are close to the sanctum, it's really unbelievable. It was a beautiful experience and one that I will never be able to forget the rest of my life.…"


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Anirban Dhar

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"…And I thought that it's really sad that the way this country is turning like you mentioned, I think yes, we are not progressing anymore. And yesterday I was watching this beautiful film called The Great Indian Kitchen. And again, it was talking about the suburban Lord, Aya Park cult where it excludes women from entering the temple because of tradition, belief, whatever. And I just feel that all this patriarchy is so insecure of itself that it refuses to move on and accept that times are changing.…"



Anirban Dhar

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"…Hi, thank you for your comment. You know, what I feel sad about is I don't know if we are evolving as human beings because sometimes I feel that we are moving backwards because there was a time when Dargas beat in Kashmir, beat in other parts of India were much more inclusive and honestly not in terms of women. I think women have always been discriminated and they're separate entrance and the space is much smaller.…"


Kumar Avinash

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"…Sorry to disturb you and asking some disturbing questions. Mr. Onir, are you the same guy who has made the movie? I yes, that movie concluded few short stories. One of them was ported by Juicy Chavela and one by Mohisuri. I like that movie by the curiosity. I just ask because your name Onir and maybe your face is resembling to that person. Are you the same guy who produced was the movie.…"

Are u d same guy who ...

Deborah Pardes

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"…Hey, Kumar, just want to let you know that this is, in fact, Onir it's a pleasure to have him on Swell. And I just did an interview with him a few months ago on Swell about his movie making. So I'm gonna link that movie interview here or not, the movie interview, the interview with him as a director and writer and activist. So here's that interview. And it's nice that you recognize him.…"


Kumar Avinash

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"…Wow. That's nice. Now in the future, I'll keep following your every post in this. Thank you, thank you very much.…"

Thanks for revert

Gatekeepers to The divine .

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