Demarkis Klan Destine

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What if you became a monarch dictator of your country?

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"…What if? What if you are crowned as emperor of the United States of America or emperor of New Zealand? It doesn't matter where you're from. What if you are given absolute power? Would you rewrite the Constitution? Would you change a lot of policies that you disagree with? What changes would you make? I would love to know your answers. Do you feel that you will be this great leader with all this absolute power? You know, I asked this one staff years ago.…"


Mtwadamela Ijogo

@Mtwadamela · 2mo ago · 2:54

"…But I don't think I would be a dictator in the sense where swell. I guess to some groups I probably would be. That's the ironic part of any type of war or revolution or whatever it is, somebody is getting killed, and their family is not going to like it. But I would make wholesale changes, trust me. The education system would be changed immediately. It would be no more teaching with books, no more of that.…"

Dewuan .

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"…It can kind of be stressful for me because I don't know, I don't know people most of the time. So a particular situation like that can be more expounded and weird for me because I don't know, it's an interesting question to ask nonetheless.…"



"…If I can find people who value humans. Value the planet. Value creativity and curiosity. Imagination. Like the desire to learn and understand. If we can find people who are passionate about these things. About humans. About wanting to come together and make change. Then you can bring people together and there's more likelihood of collaboration. Of even compromise when it's necessary. Of innovation. Of finding other solutions. I honestly think there is great value in long term planning or long term goals.…"



Syrup Dishes

@SyrupDishes · 2mo ago · 3:46

"…And a question like that can be answered very flippantly or can be answered with some very pensive thought. And so this is a question that while I'm responding to you right away, I want you to understand I didn't put notes on paper and I didn't write a bunch of things down for you in this one, but I want to go through it and think just in terms of what I've led and how I've led things.…"

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Demarkis Klan Destine

@OmegaStrange · 2mo ago · 1:19

"…Yeah, there's a lot of things you have to put into play while becoming a dictator. I think it would kind of show how far you are willing go to maintain that power. So, yeah, it's a lot to deal with, but yeah. Once again, thanks for replying, brother. Peace.…"


Demarkis Klan Destine

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"…You'll stay in the background, behind the scenes and basically kind of oversight. Oversight. The people that are working for you sounds like you'll great dictator. Thanks for replying. Once again, peace out. Take care.…"


Demarkis Klan Destine

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"…But hey, some say that we still do have dictators even here in the United States. We just don't know it. So some say we are under a dictatorship. We have no idea. We don't know it. The way how our government system structure is made to make us believe that we live in a country that is not a dictatorship. We're made to believe that we can vote in our politicians. But then again, we do have the electoral college that makes those final decisions.…"


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"…I stumbled upon this article today that made me think of this conversation. And I thought maybe, just maybe, you or someone else might find it interesting. So I thought I'd share it here. Apparently, there was a time when in Rome and they allowed for a six month long period for a dictator to take over rule in times of crisis. Anyway, I'll put the link here, just to clarify. That was a temporary sort position.…"


"…It's possible that historical records got lost, but apparently either they assassinated him, they took him out, but yeah, he wasn't in. He wasn't an emperor for too long. He was probably an emperor for maybe a month. Swell. I want to say maybe a year. I think maybe a year. They took them out very early. I would say less than a year. I think less than a year. They took about pretty quick. Very interesting. Yeah.…"


"…Okay, I'm super intrigued. Now, you don't happen to remember this particular emperor's name, do you? I'm curious of like whether he I don't know. I just want to know the details around it. But part of me is wondering if it's if he was one of these types that was brought in in for a particular crisis and then assassinated or removed, or there was something else going on. But you know what it also makes me think of?…"


"…Okay, seeking plum. The roman that I was talking about. His name is Marcus Armelius. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. He rang from June through September year, so he only ranks for three months. Three months? They don't know what happened to him. There's like mixed theories, but he's a mystery. It could have been a lot of the like I said earlier, a lot of the records were probably destroyed.…"


"…Thank you. I do have some homework ahead of me. I'm so curious. I I put a link here for anyone else who's interested, just to start the journey on, but there's you're right. There's not much there. But it leads me to more questions. I'm going to have to go down this rabbit hole. Thank you so much.…"



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