Oscar K
@OKRL · 2:36

Buying clothes online

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I feel like it's usually for me, like a 60% success rate. Rather, a it actually fits on me or B like, I like the way it looks when I'm wearing it. It's just so much easier when you're in person buying clothes. You can try them on. And returning is such a problem too. Like, oh, my God
Gaurakshi Nawandar
@wohoo29 · 0:20
Hello. So first of all, the sweater looks really good. And yeah, the online shopping is the best, but it has its cost. We can't see the quality, me and all, but I just love shopping online
Chloe Kaminskas
@chlomonsta · 1:41

Fast Fashion!

It's the easiest thing ever. Definitely need to kind of work on making sure that I'm purchasing ethical clothing and then just not having to return on everything. So thank you so much for sharing
Niki Ebrahimnejad
@N1kkums · 1:49
The idea that you go and buy your stuff online without seeing a person just felt so foreign and unrealistic. Sorry I'm crossing the street, so probably not the safest thing to do. But yeah. Anyways, so he was talking about the future of grocery shopping, how you would just go to a store and pre bundled packages of food will be there for you to just buy and then come back for like, you wouldn't have to go inside or shop or anything, literally like a drive through