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Oscar K
@OKRL · 3:19

Does your interest in a class translate to the work you do in it?

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Maybe, like, another part of it might be like, I don't know. Every time I have finished an assignment this semester, it's typically been kind of rushed and procrastinated. I don't know. That's just how I work, but every time I always tell myself like, oh, okay


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Noa Lily
@Noalily · 3:06
And now it's like, I think I'm still kind of that mindset where I'm like grinding, and I just can't I'm not like focusing on the actual information in the class instead of like, I'm just focusing on doing well
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Niki Ebrahimnejad
@N1kkums · 4:02

Humans deal with things by comparison

Basic point is that everything in that class is much more difficult because not only am I learning for the first time, but the way that they test material is I think at the level that you would expect a true test to be like, because everything is about interviewing multiple concepts, really showing your work. The questions really force you to demonstrate your understanding. If you don't understand something works, you are going to get it wrong. And on one hand, objectively
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