Oscar K
@OKRL · 2:43

Why do you exercise?

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My actual attendance of going to the gym varies, like when I was trying to get healthy and trying to recover from my injury, I was very motivated to go because I had a huge thing pushing me. I didn't want to be injured anymore. I wanted to be healthy again. But then as you're more comfortable, maybe as I became more comfortable, obviously, I went less. So it's interesting how that works
Lilah Klein
@LilahJane · 3:26
Hello. Okay. I too, have issues with being consistent with working out. And I think it's because I'm slowly transitioning workout lifestyle because as a kid and throughout high school, I did ballet. And so I was working out every single day, not at a gym, but working out, doing dance, doing like, Pilates, all this stuff to train for that
Noa Lily
@Noalily · 1:44
And then eventually, when you work out, it boosts endorphins and those make you really happy. And for me, once I'm working out consistently, I completely forget about doing it for looks purposes. It's primarily just because I feel good when I do it, and it just becomes a habit and a routine. And my body feels like healthy and strong