Oscar K
@OKRL · 2:41

GoodWill Camera Experience

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It's kind of sad that they ended up lost somewhere, but I've saved them in a file in case. By some miracle, I find the original owner, but I don't think that's going to happen, but, yeah, maybe I'll start taking photos on it now. I'll carry on its legacy. It's kind of nice. It has a little bit of, like a vintage look. Yeah. I don't know. It was like a fun little moment
Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:18
I have such little recollection of some of the things I did when I was that age. A lot of stuff documented on cameras that I probably lost and ended up in a good will sort of like this one. It's interesting because on the one hand, it's a really awesome sort of little negative history, like I said, but on the other hand, this person likely didn't back up any of these photos and probably lost them forever. Really neat, though, man
Arushi Patkey
@arushipatkey · 1:02
Hey, Oscar. I'm hoping, and I'm not sure what goodwill is, but what I'm understanding is it's just like a thrift store. If I'm not wrong, I'm not sure I'm from India, and I love the experience that you share, getting a camera and finding an SD card and finding old photos from Saudi's life back in 2006. We can actually make a short film out of this. I really love this concept. And then you somehow find that person