phil spade
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Charles Grodin RIP

I know he had a talk show for years, but he was rather largely forgettable, and I think that was because of his deadpan style. But it works so well in Midnight Run, especially opposite Robert de Niro. So if you haven't had a chance to check it out, it is one of my favorite movies. I thought it was hilarious and really enjoyed kind of the Odd couple style that Charles Grodin and Robert de Niro had. It was worth checking out. Highly recommend. Recommended

If you haven't seen Midnight Run, highly recommend!

Michael J.
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Hey, Phil, thanks for the recommendation. I've been on an old movie kick. I guess classic movie kick lately. So trying to catch up on movies that I forgot about. And this is one of them. Thank you. Just wanted to let you know our or let people know that it's on HBO. Max, I couldn't find it on Netflix or anything like that. So if you have HBO, you can get it for free. Thanks. Bye