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Relationship building

What is the difference between bonding and intimacy?


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And you guys know how to please each other and then over time you know how to please each other without it's kind of like you just know your way around a person. So anytime you come together, it's guaranteed that you're going to have a great sexual experience. So you can bond over that? Definitely. But then this person doesn't know you
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That's pretty much what the bonding is, just being able to come together. The intimacy is a little different and I use into me. I see. So I think first you do have to know yourself a little bit and how much you're willing to share
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You. All right. So how I see bonding versus intimacy. Bonding is where you and your partner are able to bond over common things like what's your favorite move, what's your favorite movie, what's your favorite food? What are certain things that you like to bond over? A big example is me and my significant other. We normally bond over like video games, right, or board games or things that we're able to do outside
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A great question. So bonding is what you do initially, in my opinion, bonding is what you do initially. It's where you share similar interests and you form a relationship over that. Right? And so bonding can be done with anybody. You bond with your family, you bond with your friends, you bond with people on your job, right. Bonding can be done with anyone. Intimacy, however, cannot be done with any and everyone. Intimacy is very private