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What scares you?

Hi. Tell me what scares you. You know what makes you afraid. And also, tell me, why are you afraid of it? Personally, I'm afraid of heights because when I'm in a tall place, I feel like I'll fall down and die. So that's why it scares me. What about you

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Deborah Pardes
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I'm going to ask you this question because it's interesting. And I also like to think about the idea of fear as something that should be dealt with. Or is it just OK to hold it and say this is what I am rate of this and that's okay. Or is it sort of a thing that one wants to move around or move over? But it's also a truth about this sort of a deeper psychology of people and they're afraid of certain things. So very interesting question
Nic Ray
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For me. It? S gotta be spiders. I do not like spiders. Oh, and also death. Like, if you think about it becoming unconscious and never being able to become conscious again, that is terrifying. That is a really scary thought. And I do not like that