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Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Given given the choice of anyone in the the world, whom would you as a dinner guest? Personally, I'd like to have Margaret Hobbies as a dinner guest. And what about yours? Tell me why

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Karan Dev
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Russell Brand!

Hey, I would invite Russell Brand, the British comedian and actor, because I think he's a lot of fun, and he Bake for a great couple of hours to hang out with. So, yeah, I would go with Russell Brand. Bye
Ramya V
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PG Wodehouse

I know he isn't around anymore, but I would probably want to have PG Woodhouse, the writer as as a dinner guest. Sure it will be one h*** of a dinner. And I would love to get his brains on how he came about to write such hilarious books that I've always loved and reread. So many times I PG would have for me
Swell Team
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Deborah Pardes
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Charlie Chaplin!

I would love all these people and other. I would bring Charlie Chaplin because he wouldn't speak. He'd just make me smile with his funny faces. And he would allow room for chatter because he would not be contributing to it. So it'd be a nice balance
Nic Ray
@Nic572 · 0:46

Dexter from the cartoon dexters lab

I was just listening about the one about Charlie Chaplin. I thought that was funny, I think would be interesting if you could bring in a cartoon character. Like, what if you can invite Bugs Bunny to just sit down with you at dinner? That would be kind of funny, but yeah, I don't know. Maybe like Bugs Bunny or like Tom and Jerry. I don't know. I know who I want for sure. I want for sure. How about Dexter from Dexter's Lab?
Kim M
@kimestryarts · 0:35

Prince! Michelle Obama!

I personally would pick prints. However, I don't know that there would be much conversation because I love them so much. I probably would be very inarticulate. I'd like to to think I'd be able to hold a conversation with him, but I have no idea. I think another choice would be Michelle Obama. She and I have the same birthday and she's awesome. And I would love to speak with her. So I say those are my top two choices right there