Noreen Young
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Hello! Here is my FIRST Swell and allow me to introduce myself and let us chat women and beauty’

You. Hello. This is my first Swell, and I'm so happy to discover it. I'm ready to chat. Beauty, life, food, fun. And that's my favorite. I'm a professional makeup artist, speaker in the spa industry, and my work is seen in magazines, on TV and in blogs. I hope you'll follow me on my adventures and enjoy what I have to share and say. Any questions? I'll be happy to help

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:13
And also, I read on your description for, like, lipstick. Usually I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I do love lipstick, so I'd love to know any of your favorite brands or colors. Yeah, I am so curious. I love to learn more
Noreen Young
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You. Thank you so much. Allow the sun. You warmed my heart, and I'm glad you have a passion for the same thoughts I do on women and normalizing, as well as my love for lipstick and all things lipstick. So it's so funny how you read my mind. My next post was going to be about that, so stay tuned. I'm sharing some awesome tips and I think you'll really enjoy it. Thank you for paying attention to my first swell. Bye
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