Noor zoein
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Do you feel …. Stuck?

Or when I see someone that's my age who has already accomplished so much or been in so many places and experience so many things, I can't help but feel like time is falling from my hands like sand and I'm not getting better on going anywhere. I grew up watching movies and reading stories that made me believe that life was supposed to be constantly exciting and I haven't felt that way many times and I just feel so stuck being myself

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gungun bansal
@gungunbansal_ · 0:30
I know I have been listening a podcast for a long time, so I'd love to share my point of view regarding the same, I also have seen, and I have totally agreed with what you said that we have seen movies and we have read stories that always make us feel like that life should be adventurous, light should keep going on in a loop. But there are certain days when you feel low. There are certain days when you really don't feel like working
AVI ❤️❤️
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There was ten days we are feeling low and we want it to be someone else for what people like them we also want it's very difficult to feel stuck but I think everyone is different and everyone is unique or we have to wait for time to shine because everyone has a different time for success and failures and for signing and the people you admire has also bad days in their life
pk writer's
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Hey. Hi dear. My name is Prakamya. And yes, you are right. Sometimes we are feel, we are thinking. But we are quite silent
Shashank Sehgal
@SSS135 · 1:34
But when I see on LinkedIn, I see so many people achieving so many things and I'm like I'm like in double stress. First I wasn't stressed. First I wasn't on guilt that I'm not enjoying my life. And then I was taking stress and guilt again, that I have not achieved anything as these people on LinkedIn have
Noor zoein
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And I am actually going with the flow. Let's see what happens next. Because no matter insurmountable plans, I mean, they never go according to them and things never go according to them, in fact. And then I am in that self oblivion. So I really would like to try to go with the flow spontaneity kind of thing. And I wish you all the happiness and all the things that you aspire. So have a nice day. Bye
anshu chahar
@Anshu1234 · 1:37


Hi, Lore. Yeah, it happens with I guess all of girls. We feel sometimes confident. We feel sometimes though it is a natural. Still thinking. No need to worry about all these things. Sometimes we are extremely happy. Some days we feel sad about any minor things. I heard you swell. So you told that someone is more beautiful than you and they are more confident than you and you feel stuck at a point like that. Hey, you are beautiful in your way
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Hey, I really like your swell