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Housing crisis LA


"…You don't want an apartment right next to your yard. So people get extremely defensive about it. So when we complain about government mismanagement or whatever, in the end, it's all just our own ideology and our own idea of what Los Angeles should be and what our house should be. I don't know what the answer is, but I certainly think that adding more housing units per property could never help. See you.…"

What is the solution to the LA housing crisis?


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"…I was actually having this conversation the other day with my brother, and he brought up the fact that there's a lot of countries, particularly in Asia, I believe that are sort of preemptively building large cities to accommodate their population. And they're doing this in a way that's meant to be affordable so that they don't have to deal with as extreme housing crisis with as an extreme housing crisis as we do seems very smart.…"


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"…The suburbs would hate that because they already own their house and their property value would go down. But I think as a people, it would definitely be the right decision. Nice talking to you.…"

Housing crisis LA

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