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Noelle Heacock

 · 8mo ago · 3:34
What songs are your form of self-care?

"…Hi, friends. So I'm starting this new thing here on my Swallow called Wednesday Wind Downs. And Wednesday Window are going to be a weekly conversation about selfcare. And most simply because I think self care is really important because it addresses so many things like your mental wellness, your physical wellness, your relational wellness, all things that I think we're all trying to figure out and we're all balancing.…"

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Sasha Runyen

 · 8mo ago · 1:29

"…It is very like I can pretty much play anywhere and it's always like good vibes. So definitely would recommend Tay and Paula also like Goldplay and Jack Johnson are always go to for me as well. And then for today I went in and out with one of my friends and we don't have it in and out close to us at school. And so just going for the first time in a while and getting to enjoy it and we're on spring break was all super awesome.…"


Alexandra Hobson

 · 8mo ago · 1:32

"…Those are like my top three beachy good times, like songs, so you should check them out.…"


Noelle Heacock

 · 8mo ago · 1:28

"…I am a pretty big fan of Jack Johnson and Coldplay. Yeah, classics definitely can be played pretty much in all moods and vibes. And just thanks so much for being excited about my Wednesday Wind downs. Yeah, my life is just a little crazy and I think everyone says it's not like I'm not special in having a crazy busy life, but I'm trying to implement more just routine self care practices to just like keep myself from burning out and keep myself from going a little crazy.…"

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Noelle Heacock

 · 8mo ago · 2:04

"…And that kind of gave me an idea for future swells. I'm talking about self care and specifically how to care for yourself during the winter months when seasonal depression can be at an all time high. Because I know it really hits me and I already deal with just regular depression. So sometimes those months are really like rough times. But I also do love just like beachy good vibe artists. And so I'm definitely going to check out the artist that you mentioned.…"

@alihobson #wednesdaywinddowns #selfcare