Dr. Tee D.
@BTWNLVRS · 4:48

A check in and check up! How are you doing?

And before I forget, I wanted to mention that I will have or do actually have the option to subscribe. Starting next week or the first week of March, I will begin putting content out. That is a lot of the conversation topics that I mentioned in my healing, discovery and loving discovery book. A lot of different topics from dating to divorce to full blown relationships. And you guys will have a chance to subscribe to the conversation and you can leave comments and we'll converse back and forth

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Jayne Carson
@wsjayne · 1:32
I want to write a book. I want to write a script. I want to design my own fitness and running shoe. I have an idea, but I just sit on the sidelines just thinking about it and not doing anything. Because you're right. It's the people. Maybe I am an introvert, or maybe I'm afraid to tell other people my ideas because I got burned once. But where do I start? Where do I go? Who do I talk to?
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