Noa Lily
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Being Vegan is Actually SUPER Cool :D

So I kind of like found three different topics within it, three different areas that you can find the benefits. So there's obviously health. There's the ethical side, and then also the environmental side, which has been my major push. But first of all, if you do want to learn more about veganism and the pros and cons and everything, I have a few films

#vegan #plantbased #climatechange and YES that sandwich is all vegan!!

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 3:46
The industrial complex that exists to support the meat industry is still so huge and still contributes to so much of the problems we have in our world with regard to creating methane and using lots of grain and lots of soy actually to keep these livestock alive
Noa Lily
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Meatless Meat !

I just think that it's such an interesting industry because there are really two types of people when you are looking at people who are vegan or vegetarian or pescatarian or whatever. And there are people who are doing it for environmental reasons, health reasons. But they still really crave meat. And then there are people who are doing it because they just simply don't want meat
Diya Patel
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I've been vegetarian for how many years now? Four plus, probably almost five. I think I became vegetarian in November, December of 2017. So, yeah, it's been quite a few years and nevertheless back really happy to be vegetarian. Really happy that I can save the animals, save the world. Almost. And yeah, it just feels really good. And are there any other vegans or vegetarians out there? Let me know
Lauren Sinopoli
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Hey, now, I really love listening. My question is, is that the DJI lunch, or is that a DG meal
Noa Lily
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The Butcher’s Son

Hi, Lauren. No, that is not a DG meal, unfortunately. And I'm shocked. I'm making a swell. I'm shocked that you thought that it's from Baker and Sons. No, no, no, not true. It's from of the Butchers. Then I'm mixing up stores, but it's very good. We're
Sudha Varadarajan
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Hey, Noah, very nice to see this. Well, and I just wanted to let you know that it's not so expensive if you were cooking the meal or putting things together from basic ingredients because I I believe, more expensive than vegetarian food. I've been a vegetarian all my life, so I've always made myself food. I make vegetarian and food for my family