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Noa Lily

The COVID Diaries

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Hello, swell. It's definitely been a while. Actually it hasn't even been that long. I'm now realizing the last swell test that I made was twelve days ago when I was back in La. And I feel like I've been been here in Berkeley for so long I'm realizing it tomorrow will be two weeks. How does that math work out? I don't know

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Deborah Pardes


What? I'm so sorry. My dear friend Natalie has coated pretty bad for three days. She's feeling a little better today. I am grateful for your diaries. I look forward to keeping you company. I know I'm a lot of people will like to hear your story and witness your process. Yeah, this is what it is. I just read an article in the Atlantic about how the mutations are always going to be here. And I weaker and weaker
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Jared Bogda
Hey, thanks for the update and thanks for posting. I know it's been a while. Sometimes we get distracted, and I think it's really cool that you're back at it wanted to just follow up on your health. I'm glad you're doing okay. And hopefully we'll hear more updates on what's going on with you at school and your life up there and how you're adjusting to all the changes in education with Covet
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Swell Team

Welcome to Swell!

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Oh, my God. I hope you're okay. And you're doing well
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